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Our Scents:

Jasmine: The rich, sweet fragrance of white or yellow jasmine. 

Ocean Breeze: A refreshing scent of the Ocean’s fresh air.

Green Tea: A rich and refreshing aroma of freshly picked green tea leaves.

Natural Essential Oils:

We pride ourselves and differentiate our products from the competition by our use of only premium and natural essential oils. We do not use any toxic or unnatural chemicals in scenting our products. All of our designs are made of 100% pure and natural plant based extracts ensuring the safety and child friendly nature of our air fresheners.

Our use of essential oils creates long lasting diffusion process which can be smelled for weeks. Many of our essential oils are also known to be odor-eliminating and air purifying making our products perfect for your car, home, or office.

Instruction for Use:

Gradually open the plastic wrapper and take out the air freshener over a two-week period in order to have the scent last the longest and not have an over-powering smell once opening. Hang the air freshener on your rear-view mirror for up to 3 weeks. Elastic band for easy hanging.